Scrambled Messages Space workshop: in-between

I suspect we concern ourselves so greatly with the content of the messages we send out into the world that we rarely think about the materiality/immateriality of the spaces through which they travel.  Last Friday Scrambled Messages held its first workshop, Space, at the Courtauld Institute of Art.  Along with the full team we were fortunate to be joined by Richard Taws from UCL and Seb Franklin from KCL who presented their selected readings.


One of the ideas which grabbed me arose out of the reading Richard set, Kittler’s ‘The City Is a Medium’.  At one point Kittler describes reconstructing the way out of a labyrinth writing, “one doesn’t need to sketch the still visible connecting walls, rather their inverse: the invisible passages between path and door” (718).  I find spaces in between (but perhaps not, at this point, liminal spaces) particularly interesting and Kittler made me wonder about how we conceive of the spaces through which our messages (tweets, texts, emails today, and telegraph-optical as Richard described or electrical as interests our project-in the past) travel.  Does the way we think about our moving messages affect the way we interact?


Richard’s paper turned my thoughts to Donovan Wylie’s series of photographs British Watchtowers (2005 and 2006).  The spaces between the towers are full of many different people and activities detached from and yet always watched over by the towers- spaces between, both connected and separate.  It’s certainly something I’d like to think through further.

Scrambled Messages Space Workshop
A workshop for the members of the AHRC funded project Scrambled Messages (from KCL, Courtauld Institute of Art, UCL Institute of Making) and invited guests aiming to enhance the way we consider space within the project
Starts: 11/15/2013
Courtauld Institue of Art